About the book
About the book
Those who know me,
welcome to the Tasty Greek online,
and to those who do not know me yet,
a very warm welcome.

I – Nick Nicolaou, founded the Tasty Greek Publications in 2002. It was set up to promote my own published work; I can proudly say the first publication is a cookery book based on delicious recipes from Cyprus. They contain some of my mother's traditional secrets which she passed down to me. I've had an interest in cooking for some time and what better way to learn than from your own mother, especially, when the food is tasty, nutritious and healthy. With a no-nonsense approach to today's cooking – thanks mum!

I must say “self-publishing” has not been easy and has probably been one of the hardest ventures I've ever undertaken or experienced.

Let me take you back to where it all began. A few years ago, around the time of the new millennium (2000), I felt that if I didn't learn how to make my mother's home-made Greek Cypriot food I grew up with, then it might be lost forever. So we both set aside some time each week to make two or three recipes, memories and moments of fun I'll never forget. When I collected 50 or so recipes, I heard to my delight that the Olympics were returning to their spiritual home of Greece and that Cyprus was about to become a member of the European Union. At the time, food and cookery were becoming trendy and fashionable.

I then decided to set the ball in motion. I wanted to produce a cookery book by sticking to tradition and simplicity. Including, creative poetry and a song, unlike any other cookery book out on the market place today.

Once all the recipes some 85 were cooked and tested and all the writing was complete it was time to approach publishers. However, this was unsuccessful. This left me with two apparent options. One was to give up and keep the recipes for myself, the other was to go to college and learn graphic design and desktop publishing. I'd already attended evening classes at college to pass a course in hospitality, catering and food preparation levels 1 and 2, so it was the latter option I followed. Four long years later the book was ready to go to the printers and was delivered to me in October 2004! There has been a steady flow of orders in the UK and a few sold in Cyprus, Asia and Australia.

Aspiration for the future include Tasty Greek merchandise, outside catering, developing a range of healthy chilled foods and it would be nice to have my book of Greek Cypriot recipes recognised. Hopefully the hard work will lead to other books that will include poetry and songs! So long as it is creative and enjoyed.

Why not come back online from time to time,
I'll keep you all posted on anything new.

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